The Rich Family Association offers scholarships to college students whose natural or adopted parents or guardians are members of the Association. Usually, $12,000 is awarded in total, spread among the applicants. Details are included in the RFA’s  Kinfolk magazine.


 In order to qualify for the annual RFA scholarships, these rules must be followed:

• Parents must be current members of the Rich Family Association (RFA)  with their dues for the current year having been paid by 12/31 of the previous year. Unpaid dues will result in denial of a scholarship.

Please Note:

The Board of Directors confirmed that, according to the By-Laws, dues are due on January 1, not the anniversary date of joining RFA. (In other words, whether an initial membership fee is paid, for example, on May 1 or September 1, the following year’s dues are due on January 1 to make the applicant eligible for a scholarship the following August.)

• RFA Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate study only to dependent, minor (to age 23) children of RFA members.

• Scholarships are not awarded for graduate study.

• RFA Scholarships are not awarded to adult children over age 23 of RFA members.

• RFA scholarships may be awarded for no more than four years.

• All students must supply their name, address, phone number, and email. Failure to do so will result in a denial of scholarship.

• RFA Scholarships are not automatically awarded to every applicant. Failure to provide all information will result in denial of a scholarship.

• Students must supply a transcript of their most recent classes with their name and the name of the college (or high school) they attend on the transcript. A photocopy is acceptable.

• Students must supply a list of courses to be taken in the upcoming year.

• Part-time students may be awarded a partial scholarship at the discretion of the committee.

• The online application deadline is August 15. Mailed submissions will not be accepted. Site submission is disabled August 16 through the following June 14 each year.

• Letters of acceptance or rejection from us to you will be mailed before November 1.

• First-time applicants must supply a photograph with their online application. 

Please note: Scholarship checks must be cashed before the end of the calendar year (December 31). Misplaced checks will not be reissued.

The Board of Directors encourages all members who will have children who may apply for a Rich Family Association Scholarship to consider becoming a Life Member. Doing so assures your student that your dues will always be paid and a scholarship will not be denied because of nonpayment of RFA dues. A lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $200. Scholarships have averaged $400-$500 per year. You do the math!


 We really hate to deny scholarships, please follow the rules. Thank You!

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Susan Pye, Pamela Miller, and Sandra Gilley

By proceeding to the next page and filling out the online scholarship application, you signify that you have read and understood the rules printed (above).