The board of directors of the Rich Family Association is composed of four officers and ten directors who are elected from the membership. Elected officers include a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer. These 14 are the voting members of the board of directors.

Additionally, there are several appointed officers, including an editor, a genealogist, state representatives,  honorary president(s), and others as appointed by the president and ratified by the Board of Directors. The appointed officers are eligible to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors with voice but without vote according to our bylaws and constitution.

As of the September 2023 reunion, the board members and term expiration dates are:

Linda Greene, Westford, MA (2026)

Vice President:
Sandra Anne Gilley, S. Portland, ME   (2026)

Theresa Latimer, East Hampton, CT   (2026)

Eleanor Pye-Rosatone, Woburn, MA (2024)

Kinfolk Editor:
Liz Beyus, Amston, CT  (2024)

Liz Beyus, Amston, CT (2024)

Theresa Latimer, East Hampton, CT (2024)


Paulette Barros, Lancaster, MA   (2026)

Martha Bunch, Wildwood, MO  (2025)

Christopher Collins, Springfield MA (2025)

Frank Rich Johnson, Windham, NH   (2026)

George Lewis III, East Harwich, MA   (2026)

Eleanor Mish, Wareham, MA   (2026)

Susan Pye, Arlngton, MA    (2024)

Bruce Rich, Sanbornville, MA   (2025)

Chuck Rich, Falmouth, KY   (2024)

Roger Walsh, Rockland, MA  (2025)

Honorary President:
Elizabeth Dyer Haskell (lifetime)