RFA Quilt

You can be part of an annual Rich Family Association member project!

Let’s make a Multi-Generational

Rich Family Patchwork Quilt

for the RFA annual reunion raffle

We would like to invite you to help make a Multi-Generational Patchwork Quilt from Rich Family Members all over the country! Men and women, boys and girls, the experienced quilter, and the beginner quilter, we ask you to make a 9 ½” cotton square of your choice of quilt design and colors. We need at least 42 squares. We will be posting the squares as they arrive and tracking our quilt making progress on the Rich Family Association Facebook page. Squares need to be completed and sent to Charlotte, no later than April 30 each year for that year’s fall reunion. Check the RFA magazine, Kinfolk for the address.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Linda’s email: greenela@comcast.net
Charlotte’s email;  cpye44@gmail.com

You will receive a free raffle ticket for the drawing of the quilt for each square received, which we will submit for you at the annual RFA reunion.

We look forward to receiving your quilt square(s) and creating a beautiful Rich Family patchwork quilt.

Happy Quilting!

Linda Greene and Charlotte Pye